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Was founded in 2010 by Joe and Lisa Broder who helped several big names in today’s top ranks grow. "We are very pleased with the success of Ramona, who brought the rainbow jersey from the world marathon championship in Turkey. Simon Vitzthum and Jacqueline Schneebeli wear the Swiss champions jerseys, and we are looking forward to helping all the team members to achieve a podium in the new season," said Joe Broder, the team manager and owner. The six-time British champion Frazer Clacherty and German rider Kim Ames, who will join the team for 2021 season, should help achieve this goal.

JB Bruntex

"We decided to support this team because we appreciate the work that owners Joe and Lisa have been devoting to young cyclists for a long time. The biggest teams at the World Cup automatically only reach for well-established riders, so it is complicated for most young riders to make a name for themselves at the biggest races in the world. Team jb BRUNEX SUPERIOR factory racing allows them to do so and we appreciate that in Superior. We are looking forward to seeing the young blood racing Superior bikes," said Petr Lavička, product manager of Superior.

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