X-Road is the definition of a modern endurance bike. We tuned the frameset to the last detail for maximum rigidity, speed, and performance on (and also off) the road. The perfect integration of cables and hoses not only in the frame but also in the cockpit and fork underlines the minimalist function-oriented design. A design that has no comparable rivals at these price levels. And because not every road achieves the qualities of a race track, you'll find 30 mm tires on Grand Fondo racing models and 40 mm tires on Gravel models for a comfortable and safe ride.



We got the X-Road certified by the UCI for all the world’s biggest races. So even if you secretly imagine yourself winning at Roubaix or a stage at the Tour de France, our X-Road won't hold you back. Road models from Gran Fondo line are equipped with 30mm tires for maximal comfort and control, road-specific 2x11 groupsets give you a wide range of gears and the Superior minimalistic race design simply says: I am here to win.


We love to keep it simple. A gravel bike is supposed to be light, fast and fun to ride. No excessive features to keep you off the main thing: enjoying a bike that gives you absolute freedom to choose your road. Light frame, gravel specs and a design that harmonises with nature. Turn off the navigation and off you go exploring new roads.