mission paris 2024

Superior bikes help athletes achieve their dreams. Mission Paris 2024 is a Superior project to help riders of the professional UCI team jb Brunex Superior Factory Racing qualify for the Paris 2024.


The jb Brunex, riding a Superior brand bike, has a unique story to tell in the cycling landscape. Although the team has had many successes and currently has riders such as two-time world champion Ramona Forchini riding, it is still led by couple Joe and Lisa Broder, whose dedication gives the team the utmost comfort and facilities. 


This Swiss team does not go the way of many big UCI units, which focus only on engaging already accomplished riders, but is also concerned with nurturing new talent who have their careers ahead of them.



"During my coaching career we have won several national championships, World Cup races and World Championship titles. But what we have not managed to do so far is to be nominated for the biggest sporting event in the world, which is held only once every four years. Personally, I take Paris 2024 as the pinnacle of my coaching career and it's a driving force for me to continue this hard work. Teaming up with the Superior brand was a good move and I think the Superior bikes will help us a lot in pursuit of this dream."

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