Superior Christmas choice n°2

21. 12. 2016

Gravel and cyclocross bicycles – those fast and versatile beasts for riding on low-quality tarmac, gravel roads and even in light terrain – have experienced a massive popularity boost in recent years.

Superior Christmas choice n°2

The Superior X-Road is an example of such bicycles.

The Superior X-Road model range increases versatility levels much higher as it offers a full-fledged substitute for a racing road bike!

No mumbo jumbo here – the magic is hidden in the design’s unique geometry and extremely short rear stay. Though it allows the use of tyres with a width of up to 38 mm, its length is comparable to that of racing road bikes, which is an important feature for astonishing acceleration and handling.

The design of the actual frame is a combination of a massive lower part that provides for the efficient transfer of energy and a flexible top part (seat stays, seat tube, top tube) that absorbs shocks and vibrations. This is the part that provides maximum comfort.

Naturally, all modern technologies and features are included too: disc brakes that provide huge braking power regardless of weather, thru-axles that increase the stiffness of the frame and provide for precise steering, wide tubeless rims that enhance handling and comfort, a bracket for the front derailleur that makes it possible to change to a single chainring version, compatibility with Di2 electronic shifting and many more...

In addition, the X-Road has many clever and discrete attachment points that allow for the easy and fast installation of mud guards, which means you can go cycling in any weather!

One bicycle for all surfaces and all kinds of weather – it’s solely up to you which tyres to use and where to venture on your X-Road!

Have a closer look at the complete range of Superior X-Road models.


Our racers confirm the multifunctionality of the X-Road:

Cyclocross  = Sebastian Fini (CST Superior Brentjens)

A favourite training bike = members of Superior MTB Team

Road Ultraraces = Svaťa Božák, the best Czech endurance athlete

Fun = Superior Riders


Contact your authorised dealer of Superior Bikes and write your wishes for Santa!

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