TRAINING - Come to the Cape Epic race without a proper training? Early spring date of the race is crucial for many riders from the Northern countries who can not train a lot during the winter. Without the necessary kilometres is almost impossible to do the race, where you spend more than 4hrs on the course mostly everyday while on some stages you spend more than 7hrs!

BIKE - every year there are some competitors racing the hardtail bicycles on Cape Epic but the full suspension bike is a huge advantage for sure! Bumpy, dusty dirt roads and stony singletrails makes the race even harder and it burdens the body. The full suspension machine is the choice of most of the riders. Also our guys raced on the TEAM XF29 ISSUE full suspension models this year.

Many riders have their machines specially adapted for the long stages by the bar ends, which allows them to change the hand position during the long rides, you can see two or three bottle cages on the bikes and other tweaks.

SUPPORT SERVICE TEAM - the bike has to be in the top shape everyday as the hard dusty or muddy stages are devastating for whole material. Technical issue during the stage could confound all effort and training. That´s why everyone tries to prevent that problems by the prefct service of the two-wheeled buddy for which you need a good mechanic.

SPARE PARTS - it´s necessary to have all spare parts you might need to change on your bike during the race as the spare wheel sets, tires, components, fork, suspension, seat, seatpost, grips and the other material in case of its damage. 

Instead of that material you also need the stuff in the pocket during each stage as chain tool, chain clutch, tubes, bonding and worms to repair your bike on the course if something happens. There are technical zones on the course but there is nothing worse than to walk with an immobile bicycle through the hot dessert. 

During the long stages many riders might need also the spare gloves which are exposed to high level of mechanic friction.

ENOUGH FOOD - Several feed zones are on the course but it´s always useful to have a food and drink with you. You all know the feeling when you´re low on energy, the sun bakes on your back and the pockets and bottles are empty. To have a spare energy gel, one more bottle and some minerals is always good on Cape Epic. Never forget to fill everything while passing the feedzone, even if it´s close from the finish. African hot weather could be ruthless!

RECOVERY - lot of riders are spending the nights in uncomfy Cape Epic tents but also for them the recovery servis is there. Massages, cooling pools and good quality food is what you need after every stage. The same for the riders staying in air-conditioned apartments where they can recover their bodies a bit better by the several ways.  Good recovery is crucial during the race like Cape Epic is! Seven stages is a lot!

RELIABLE ALARM - start of the Cape Epic stage is mostly planned to the 7 am. To manage all till the start you have to wake up before 5am, so you need really loud alarm to wake you up! Especially with the increasing fatigue your body sleeps so deep that you simply oversleep the alarm.

GOOD TEAM - last but not least what you need is a good team. To have a nice people around you as your race partner, who helps you when the hard time comes and smiling support team, for which the race is also hard, is crucial. Team spirit and a good atmosphere is one of the most important things to finish the race successfuly.

Cape Epic photodocumentary: Jakub Douda