Superior was one of the most disturbed brands of racing bikes in the starting field of each category. So who started on this years Prazske schody race on our bikes?
The Superior MTB GOOD Team came from Poland with Gabi Wojtyla, Michal Topór and others, thanks Filip Adel also the riders from Superior MTB Team weren´t missing and Hanna Klein came from Germany to race in Prague too. It was Hanna who ended best  placed from our riders while passed the finish near the Prague castle on the 5th place and stood on the winners podium. Pretty good job racing against many international strong rivals!
"I´ve never been racing on Prazske schody race and I enjoyed the race a lot thanks to the nice historical city surroundings and crowd of the spectatores. It was an awesome experience to be here!"
We also thanks for the experience while we´re watching the race and we´re already excited to the Nove Mesto where the first 2017 MTB XCO World Cup will take place already during the upcoming weekend!