"The start of the race in Chelva didn't go so well, so I had to finish the front slowly. But in the end I managed to work up a lead which I controlled to the finish. The biggest disadvantage for me was starting in waves, where you always had racers from other categories around you, which was unclear compared to other races. This also led to a miscommunication at the finish, which caused me to complete an extra lap. But it's just a small thing and I'm really happy that the first success in the new team came so soon," says Simona Spěšná.


Spěšná has been riding in the junior category for the second year. This race was her first test in the new Swiss team supported by Czech bike brand Superior which developed for racers bike Team XF 29 Factory Racing. Another great success was the third place for Anina Hutter, who raced in the junior category for the first time.


The first race in the new U23 category was also ridden by Finn Treudler, who did well in the junior category last year. At the start of the season he confirmed his good form from the winter training and came in Chelva for a nice 8th place. "This race was my first in the U23 category. I'm really happy that my entry into this category and the new season went well. I hope that similar results will be repeated in the World Cup," comments Finn Treudler. Jacqueline Schneebelli finished second in Banyoles race in U23 category. 


In the women's Elite category starts a trio of our athletes. Sophie von Berswordt-Wallrabe raced with the course the best, finished 8th in Chelva. Ramona Forchini was in Chelva right behind in 9th place and another Top10 in Banyoles. "In Chelva I tried to follow the front of the race. The goal for me was to reach the Top 10. 8th place is a good start to the season in this competition, I hope that the next races will be at least as successful," says Sophie von Berswordt-Wallrabe. Kim Ames missed the Top 10 in Chelva by a whisker and finished in 13th place overall.


In the men's category our trio in Chelva also took good results. Gregor Raggl finished 14th overall and the Israeli champion, Tomer Zaltsman, took 16th. The team has been preparing in Chelva, Spain, as part of their pre-season training camp. They continue to stay in Spain now and focus on training that will help the team throughout the season.