The most successful Superior team in 2016 Cape Epic was definitely CST Superior Brentjens with three racing couples. Yana Belomoina racing with partner Sabine Spitz was really strong from the start of the race. During the stages she took several victories and she finished third overall what is amazing success! The men elite team Van Houts, Becking had some technical troubles in the beginning of the race what moved them back to the third ten. During the next stages they were fighting hard to catch the loose up attacking the podium results. Finally they finished 13th in overall classification. Not just the professional riders from the team raced there. Also the team manager Bart Brentjens with his race partner Abraao Azavedo from Brazil did the race.  They won Masters classification and finished 21st overall!

The Czech couple from Superior MTB team Jobanek and Adel were unlucky during the race. They were attacking the TOP 10 while testing successfuly the new carbon full suspension Superior frame but Jan Jobanek had a serious digestive troubles during the last two stages and the couple had to slow down. Finally they finished the race on the 15th place what made them happy too.

All the riders made a really nice job during this hard stage race and the huge thanks and our respect goes to them.