Svatopluk was the 7th man of the longest ultra-cycling race in the World Race Across America 4800km. He finished 3rd in the longest European cycling event Race around Austria 2200km. This guy isn´t scared of any distance challange and from this year he choose the Superior XRoad bike as his best buddy. Svatopluk  is the new Superior ambassador.

Instead of the long distance ultramarathon races is Svata connected to the group of hobby riders in Czech and the project for them. The highest mountains in the Eastern part of Czech republic are the challenge for almost thousand riders for the whole cycling season. Every weekend they do some of them and compete who will defeat all of them first. For Svatopluk is common he do the challange in the first 24 hours from the beginning! What a hero for all others!

Here is the short interview with Svata about his plan for 2016. 

Svata why you choose the Superior X-Road?

I feel that Superior  X-Road was build for me! The conception, geometry and weight of bike is simply amazing. It´s a road bike and cyclocross bike in one so if I change the tires I am able to use it also in the terrain and dirt roads well! Moreover I am ultracyclist so the comfort of bike is absolutly prior to me and the XRoad is on high level with comfort of ride.

You already tested the bike. How the feelings are after a few hundreds of kilometers?

The first hours of riding I was searching the right position on the bike. I got use to really fast and so I am already enjoying all the benefits the bike brings.

How was the first feeling from the disc brakes?

The brakes are really nice and comfy! I am mostly racing and training in the colder weather and wet conditions and the perfect breaking system is crucial for me. When you sit ten hours + in the saddle every move hurts. All saved energy  I need for pedaling. The perfect easy breaking saves energy a lot. I don´t have to push the levers hard in any downhill or critical situation or think too much about how to break. They are simply perfect so I just break:-)

Something else you love on the bike?

The variety of use. I feel the freedom when riding on the road and have no problem to turn out to the dirt road or trail. Can you imagine how fast the bike is on the road thanks its geometry and the same is when I am riding in terrain. The bike brings the change of my training loaps. Now I can go wherever I want on one bike.

What is your plan for 2016? 

This year I want to Race around Austria where I finished third last year. It´s a 2200km long race and I jumped into TOP 5 in Europe overall ranking in ultra thanks to it. Before I plan some 24hours road races as the training for Austria.

Sure I´ll do the highest mountains crown project close to my home country which is every year a good challange and preparation for me.

And finally I am excited to spend the time with my family on the bike. I always enjoy when we go together to the trip.

Thank you Svata for the short interview. We cross the fingers for you in Superior!