Three CST Superior Brentjens team members will race the Olympic MTB cross-country race in Rio de Janeiro already this weekend. One woman and two man are now on the way or already in the Olympic village  with their national teams.

Yana Belomoina participating the Games in Ukraine national Olympic jersey will start on Saturday 20th August. The medal is not unreal for our woman rider as she belongs to the top 10 riders in the World and knows how to get fit for the huge events.

The man riders Grant Ferguson racing in British jersey and Dutch Rudi Van Houts will race a day after Yana on Sunday 21st August. They can fight for the top result too and be one of the best in the race.

All riders will race on Team 29 Issue Superior bikes in design of their country we prepared for them. Well visible for you could the riders be both at Rio de Janeiro course if you´re lucky one who presents there or on the TV.

Cross your fingers for our riders! ALWAYSRACE