Our sport e-bikes are equipped with a state of the art Shimano and Bosch e-drives. These smart-systems will help you to cover the lack of energy and strength. And it doesn't matter if you lack the strength to climb a hill faster or you lack the endurance to go through a long all-day spin. Anyway, with our e-bikes, you'll find that you spend a lot more time in the saddle and that you start enjoying cycling again. We build e-bikes in the same way as our classic bikes. Sporty geometry is identical to our classic bikes as much as possible. The bottom line: Superior e-bikes are proper sports equipment, which will help you to get stronger, faster, and healthier.





гарантия 5 лет

Начиная с коллекции 2020 года SUPERIOR предлагает расширенную гарантию сроком 5 лет , на все свои велосипеды