Immersed in the old tradition of gran fondo, in sweat, dust and suffering Superior Road and Gravel bikes yet escape the world of road heroes and instead of this offer uncompromised comfort with its Gran Fondo models and freedom inaccessible before thanks to disc brakes and off-road tires in Gravel bikes.

Your love for long distances has never got a better chance before and your craze for exploration has finally found its fulfilment! We know that road cycling is about speed, smoothness and striving for perfection, so we rarely decide on compromises. We combined our most comfortable frame ever with light and reliable wheels to make sure you can do your best during a long distance ride. We want you to chose the road which you want, to ride as far as you only wish and to stop if there is something worth stopping. Your comfort and satisfaction is our priority. All materials, components and accessories we use are the highest quality possible, to allow you to enjoy your ride. Whoever you are: a racer, an explorer or a wild traveller - you’ll find your faithful companion. Whichever road you choose, keep your pace, enjoy the surroundings, and let your bike carry you!



Erweiterte Garantie auf die Rahmen aus der Kollektion 2020 

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