push your limits!


You think: SUPERIOR? ALWAYS RACE? E-MTB? What do these three have in common? We believe a lot. When you look at racing as overcoming ones limits, you have the answer. It is about the courage to try to go over the line, to explore the unknown or feared.

And this is where SUPERIOR comes with our new light e-mountainbike models – bikes designed for off-road cycling in easy terrain. The brand new frames of our E-Sport models are inspired by the XP and CROSSRIDE lines. We redesigned their shape in order to smoothly fit the STePS POWER SYSTEM by Shimano. This way SUPERIOR starts to address even larger group of cyclists. We believe there are many cyclists, who like to try and push their personal limits, while enjoying the benefits of the electric power system.

SUPERIOR & E-MTB? We say YES! Why not?!