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  • Superior starts cooperation with Jaroslav Kulhavý

Superior starts cooperation with Jaroslav Kulhavý


Olympic champion, World Cross Country and Marathon Champion Jaroslav Kulhavý is back to racing with a new partner, the Czech bike brand Superior. This collaboration brings to the world of cycling a new connection between the experience of the most successful Czech mountain biker and the Czech Republic’s most innovative cycling brand.


Jaroslav Kulhavý will compete in various mountain bike races in the Czech Republic and abroad. He is also considering moving forward into new disciplines, including gravel races, with the goal of participating in the World Gravel Championships. In addition to racing, he’s also bringing his wealth of experience to the development of new bike models, which will strengthen the Czech brand’s position on the world stage. “After a year in Xterra Triathlon, I’m returning to what is most dear to my heart: mountain bike racing. To do it with a Czech brand is a great benefit for me. I like that it’s not just about my racing, but I'll be able to pass on my experience to Superior and help bring the new platforms forward. I am open to new challenges in the new season, and it makes sense for me to try a few gravel races in the world competition,” said Kulhavý.

Product Manager at Superior, Petr Lavička, said, “We are very happy that one of the most successful mountain bikers in history will ride our bikes and share his experience with us, something that will help us in the further development of our platforms. Jaroslav can test a bike in the toughest conditions like few people in the world, which allows him pass on expert knowledge for us to use in our development.” Jaroslav Kulhavy adds: “I’m looking forward to this collaboration, and based on my impression so far – I was among the first to test the new generation of full suspension bikes – this truly is a world-class bike.”

This cooperation also includes the support of young talents through the team – Ostra Multicraft Čeladná, which is run by Jaroslav Kulhavý, who is a member of the team himself. In this way, Superior wants to support young, promising cyclists, and hopefully future Olympic talents from the same region where the bikes themselves are made.