Superior Christmas choice n°1

16. 12. 2016

The Christmas time is coming fast and we´re here to help you with the present choice If you´re still looking for a nice new bike for your kids to make them happy.

Superior Christmas choice n°1

The Superior F.L.Y. in all it´s sizes and colors enjoys great popularity.

Extremly low weigth which makes F.L.Y. one of the lightest kids bike on the market, specific components as kids cranks and frame geometry built for kids makes this bicycle unique.

The motto "keep it simple" was crucial for us while developing this model. Therefore bicycle does not have complicated and useless shifting mechanisms only adding the weight and become an obstacle to the riding and joy for which the children bicycles are made for in the first place !!!

The TEAM JUNIOR  kids bicycle collection in TEAM design from the Superior high-end models belongs to the favorite models too retaining all the benefits and properties of above-mentioned F.L.Y. Every kid wants to look like a racer:-)

Also worth mentioning is the smallest 16" team machine with castors and additional bewitching racing design for the youngest riders.

The last kids bicycle categories to mention are PAINT, RACER a MODO JUNIOR.

Childrens models in nice bewitching pastel color combinations which will definitelly make your kids smilling while unwrapping Christmas gifts.

MODO JUNIOR collection made in girly colors and design will sharm the princesses too.

You can watch all Superior kids bicycles here. Maybe one of them will make your kids smilling during the Christmas time:-)

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