Svatopluk Božák returns to RAAM

10. 3. 2017

RAAM – Race Across America, from west to east across the USA. A 4,800km non-stop race, open only to a select group of the world’s best ultramarathon cyclists. One of them is Svatopluk (“Svaťa”) Božák.

Svatopluk Božák returns to RAAM

Svaťa already has one RAAM race under his belt. That was in 2012, when, as the first (and so far only) Czech in the solo category, he completed the race in less than 11 days, coming in an incredible 6th place. In the years after that he took a break from the competition to spend more time with his family and to train for the 2016 RAA (Race Around Austria – 2,400 km). He came 3rd in that race last year and in doing so earned himself a place among the world’s exclusive ultracycling elite.

As Svaťa himself says, “Try RAAM once and you’ll want to come back.”

And that’s exactly what he’s doing this year, having managed to find the resources to compete once again in one of the world’s toughest endurance contests. On 13 June 2017 he’ll take his place on the RAAM starting line in Oceanside, California. But as for when he’ll reach the finish line in Annapolis, Maryland, 4,800 kilometres later on the other side of the continent, that remains to be seen. One thing which is certain, however, is that Svaťa will be trying to improve on his result from 2012, when he spent 255 hours 41 minutes on the road and finished in 6th place, alongside some of ultracycling’s most seasoned veterans.

This year Svatopluk will be flying to America well in advance of the race, to give himself plenty of time to acclimatize. There, providing him with all the help he needs, will be not only his support crew, but also his bicycles from Superior Bikes. These will be the XRoad for cracked and heat-rippled asphalt, for steep climbs, and for harsh conditions; and a Superior road bike, fine-tuned for speed, for the long, flat, and seemingly endless stretches of open road.

As Svaťa prepares for this year’s RAAM, we’d like to wish him all the very best – in particular, strong nerves, strong legs, and, above all, good health and some all-important good luck! #ALWAYSRACE

RAAM video teaser Svatopluk Bozak

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