The final race of the 2016 MTB cross-country World cup season took place in Adora la Vella last weekend. From the riders on Superior bikes Yana Belomoina (CST Superior Brentjens) had the best result while finished 7th.

Although she fighted with the healt problems and breath hardly in the high altittude of Andora she passed riders one by one during the second half of the race and finished 7th in the competitive packed starting field what is perfect end of the 2016 World cup.

German Hanna Klein made another TOP 30 result while finished 27th what counts as well.

The troubles on the course had our man riders. Technical issues and falls moved riders to the tail of the starting field or didn´t let them finish the race.

The 2016 mountain bike cross-country World cup is the past and we can only look forward to the next season.